Guide to Aadhaar Card Download: Step-by-Step Tutorial

The Aadhaar card is a crucial document issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) that serves as a proof of identity and address for Indian citizens. It is essential for various government and private sector services. In case you have lost your Aadhaar card or you need a digital copy for any reason, you can easily download it from the official UIDAI website. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of downloading your Aadhaar card.

Step 1: Visit the UIDAI Website

  1. To download your Aadhaar card, you need to visit the official UIDAI website at

Step 2: Locate the Download Aadhaar Option

  1. On the UIDAI website, look for the “My Aadhaar” option in the top menu bar.
  2. Under the “Get Aadhaar” drop-down menu, click on “Download Aadhaar”.

Step 3: Enter Your Aadhaar Details

  1. You will be redirected to the “Download Aadhaar” page.
  2. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number or 16-digit Virtual ID, along with the security code displayed on the screen.
  3. Click on the “Send OTP” button if you have access to the registered mobile number linked to your Aadhaar.
  4. If you do not have the registered mobile number, click on the “I have TOTP” option and enter the time-based one-time password generated from the mAadhaar app.

Step 4: Verify the OTP

  1. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on “Submit”.
  2. If the OTP is correct, you will be able to download your Aadhaar card in PDF format.

Step 5: Open the PDF File

  1. To view the downloaded Aadhaar card, you will need a PDF reader installed on your device.
  2. Enter the first four letters of your name in capital letters followed by your birth year as the password to open the PDF file.

Step 6: Print Your Aadhaar Card

  1. Once you have opened the Aadhaar card PDF, you can print it for offline use.
  2. It is recommended to print the Aadhaar card on a clean, white sheet of paper for better clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I download my Aadhaar card without a registered mobile number?
  2. Yes, you can download your Aadhaar card using the TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) feature in the mAadhaar app.

  3. Is there a limit to the number of times I can download my Aadhaar card?

  4. No, there is no limit to the number of times you can download your Aadhaar card. You can download it as many times as needed.

  5. What should I do if I do not remember my Aadhaar number or Virtual ID?

  6. You can retrieve your Aadhaar number or Virtual ID by visiting the UIDAI website and following the “Find UID/EID” option under the Aadhaar services.

  7. Is it mandatory to print the Aadhaar card in color, or can it be printed in black and white?

  8. You can print your Aadhaar card in black and white as well. The information on the card will be visible regardless of the print color.

  9. Can I download multiple Aadhaar cards on the same device?

  10. Yes, you can download multiple Aadhaar cards on the same device by following the download process for each individual Aadhaar number.

  11. Is there a validity period for the downloaded Aadhaar card?

  12. The downloaded Aadhaar card is valid for all purposes and does not have an expiry date. It is recommended to keep it safe and secure.

  13. What should I do if I am unable to open the downloaded Aadhaar card PDF?

  14. If you are facing issues opening the Aadhaar card PDF, ensure that you are using the correct password format (first four letters of your name in capital letters followed by your birth year).

  15. Can I share the downloaded Aadhaar card with others for verification purposes?

  16. It is recommended not to share your downloaded Aadhaar card with others to prevent misuse of your personal information. Instead, use it for personal verification purposes when required.

  17. Is it safe to download the Aadhaar card on a public computer or shared device?

  18. It is advisable to download your Aadhaar card on a personal device to maintain the confidentiality and security of your Aadhaar details.

  19. Does the downloaded Aadhaar card contain all the information present on the physical card?

    • Yes, the downloaded Aadhaar card contains all the essential information such as your Aadhaar number, name, address, photograph, and QR code for verification purposes.

By following these step-by-step instructions and frequently asked questions, you can easily download your Aadhaar card and have a digital copy available whenever needed. Remember to keep your Aadhaar details confidential and secure to prevent any misuse of the information contained in the card.